Postcode Software (PAF) for the public sector

Public sector organisations are not be required to pay the licence fee to the Royal Mail for access to the PAF data.

Who is funding the PAF Public Sector Licence?

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) are centrally paying the Royal Mail directly for the PAF use of registered Public Sector organisations across England, Scotland and Wales. The agreement is intended to widen access to, and increase usage of PAF by public sector organisations.

What are the benefits of using Postcode Software as a public sector organisation?

Accurate address data supports a multitude of public services, ranging from the emergency services, to school transport and refuse collection. Our software is easy to implement, reliable and scalable. We have kept our solution simple and the price low.

The obvious benefit is that you can purchase any of our licences at a greatly reduced price.

PostcodeSoftware is already being used by 1000s of clients across the UK, including some well know public sector organisations:

Public Sector Postcode
Public Sector Postcode
Public Sector Postcode

Do we qualify?

Simply click on the link below to discover if you are registered with the Royal Mail for a public sector organisation discount.

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What next?

Discounted licences are available to public sector organisations now. To find out more simply click here to contact us today.


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